Our company

As procurement and supplier relationship evangelists, we’ve always been passionate about creating the ultimate business relationship experience. Relationships have been in our DNA since the very beginning. Our unrivalled approach has seen our success across many sectors of industry; from financial services, to logistics, communications, defense, SI consultancy, public-sector, and some of today’s most recognised brands.

Our mission

To enable businesses to create lasting & trusted, sustainable relationships, built to innovate and grow.

Our values


Task ownership means we take pride


We’re better together


We’ll hold the pen


More than a job, it’s what we do


It is what it is, and nothing else


There is only one way to do something

Our vision

To be the number one trusted relationship-driven growth enabler for companies & suppliers everywhere.

Paying it forward

Paying it forward, a buzz term, which for us means taking responsibility – responsibility not only for what we do, but also for ensuring that we are able to provide positive encouragement to others, so that they may do the same.


We now support the ORT JUMP National Mentoring scheme which pairs mentors with students in several London secondary schools.

Incredibly rewarding to have previously worked with and mentored as part of the UK Government’s 16-24 New Deal employment scheme.


Having a conscience is a valuable human quality – it serves as a motivational backdrop to the things that we do; and when we enjoy the things we do, doing them for a good cause becomes that much more worthwhile.

Cycling being the new Golf, we are proud to have cycled to support some very worthy causes, such as Macmillan, Dementia UK, CLIC Sargent, The Children’s Trust, Tommy’s, and most recently the amazing children’s charity Spread a Smile.


We’re currently discussing the opportunity of being part of an exclusive alliance – working towards B-Corp Status. We’ll be making an exciting announcement here shortly.


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