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Post COVID-19, our ability to generate savings from cost-based procurement strategies will diminish. Organisations will adopt positions to protect themselves against impending recession.

To continue to deliver our ‘value’ targets we must work together with our suppliers, to innovate.

Our suppliers will welcome this collaborative approach.

Tony Reynolds, Global Head of Procurement, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
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See how a Global Service Desk used Suppeco to save £300,000 during the COVID-19 crisis

Once a service becomes a relationship, it can scale great heights.

innovative digital solutions in procurement can unlock as much as an incremental 3 to 10 % in annual cost savings.

McKinsey and Co

Companies spend an average 15-27 % of total revenues, on external suppliers. But a full quarter or third of the negotiated value is lost over the term of the deal.


Companies that don’t take a structured approach to relationship optimisation are restricting their own access to an additional 10 – 15% annual value creation.


What do companies using the Suppeco platform say

  • Louise Batty

    Client partnerships now need to be focused on driving value to build relationships - long term. With extensive experience within relationship management, this is the first time I have seen a product that allows both client and supplier to work on the same platform.

    With the ability to clearly drive and measure success outside of the generic financial data, Suppeco quantifies the unseen value add and offers collaboration in real time across both entities. It focuses on driving opportunities through rich data for both cost-saving and optimisation of every aspect of the relationship.

    Louise Batty
    Director Stott And May
  • Account Director

    We are confident that Suppeco will become an invaluable tool as we build on our relationship with BAE, the ability to interact in realtime as service requirements and new projects unfold within the relationship is excellent. We especially like the selection of dashboard insights that allow any potential issues to be flagged immediately.

    During the initial rollout we were invited to provide feedback and have seen the system quickly advance to allow even more interactive and open input from both partners in the relationship. We can absolutely see the value this provides through a true 360 overview of all managed activity.

    Account Director
    Allvotec Limited

The four pillars methodology

Safeguarding against dysfunctional business relationships and ecosystems. A wealth of opportunity for value-creation resides inside our relationships.

Fact: The relationship is typically the area of any engagement that lacks the sophistication of baselined measurability.
Fact: this is also the part that contains the most value.
Innovation and collaboration, these critical areas, and many others depend on one thing – a great relationship. The key to any great relationship is meaningful collaborative structure and reciprocity. This is where 4 Pillars dynamic infrastructure simply excels.




   Actual vs Budget
   Reduction in TCO
   Optimal scaling


   Staff Resources
   Process Quality


   Project Delivery
   SLA Compliance

Why Suppeco

Infinite Value Creation

Contract value creation is finite. Suppeco’s value generation is absolutely infinite, thanks to thousands of relationship and service improvement opportunities

Drives Collaboration

Built with ISO44001 in mind we understand group and bilateral collaboration. But Suppeco also recognises relationships and service are about understanding people

Minimises Risk

No generic risk library, Suppeco generates a dynamic risk engine that learns and updates as the relationship with your suppliers evolve and improve

Completely Reciprocal

Many challenges originate on the customer side of the relationship. Suppeco recognises this and thus the need for absolute reciprocity

Increases Mutual Trust

Reciprocal service improvement transparency. Suppeco inherently recognises that mutual trust is the cornerstone of all successful business relationships

Better Communications

Suppeco promotes strong relationships that thrive on good communication, and so will intrinsically garner valuable stakeholder opinion and support

Suppeco implements on-demand.

Finds its feet quickly, and can get to work driving value immediately.


No initial customisation required


Fast and efficient set up


Same day value creation

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